Update on Sidney Powell voter fraud


Sidney Powell says that a Dominion server in Fulton County GA has been removed and is now missing. 

Nobody seems to know where it went.

BREAKING: @SidneyPowell1 on @LouDobbs "People are coming forward with different bits and pieces of the puzzle. The system was set-up to shave and flip different votes in different states. Some people were targeted as individual candidates. It's really the most MASSIVE, HISTORICAL

2. & EGREGIOUS fraud the world has ever seen". 

3/ Addendum: For everyone in the comments yelling "DO SOMETHING". I understand your frustration. However, this takes TIME. We are talking about one of the most extensive frauds ever perpetuated against the American People. Think about all of the things that have been uncovered.

4/ and thrust into the public's consciousness about Dominion, Smartmatic, corrupt election contracts & actions committed  by politicians in both parties [i.e. Kemp, Raffensberger, Ducey, etc.], Venezuela, Chavez, Frankfurt, dead voters, Internet connected machines & tabulators.

5/ adjudication and signature verification manipulation, statistical anomalies and more. Compiling all of this information into a coherent format to be presented in the MOST IMPORTANT court filings of our generation [or HISTORY] TAKES TIME! @SidneyPowell1 has already filed in.

6/ Georgia & Michigan, w/ more filings and lawsuits on the way. @LLinWood has filed in GA where he is fighting tooth and nail. These efforts cannot be completed at the drop of a dime. These claims must be vetted, analyzed & presented in a manner so that they are BULLETPROOF.

7/ when presented in our [largely corrupt] Justice System in order to give them the best chance to succeed. Some of them [like in PA] will go before the Supreme Court. I sympathize with your frustration and impatience, but YOU MUST KEEP THE FAITH and DO YOUR PART. 

8/ information. Attend rallies. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Call and write your representatives. Attend hearings. THIS IS THE FIGHT of our lifetimes. You do not want to live in a world where people are able to get away with potential crimes of this magnitude. Look at what.

9/ they did to @GenFlynn after a mountain of evidence proved his innocence. What do you think they'll do to all of us?

Look at what our tyrannical governors and officials did in response to COVID. They trampled the Constitution. Destroyed our businesses. Shuttered our Churches.

10/ Censored our speech. Closed our schools. Bailed out multi-national corporations, gave millions of dollars to government museums & organizations, while holding up ANY aid to the American People more than 8 months after the initial $1,200 stimulus checks were issued. They sent

11/ COVID (+) patients into nursing homes to spread it amongst our most vulnerable population, the elderly. Our parents and grandparents. Brothers and sisters. Friends, co-workers & colleagues. As much as I TRUST and LOVE what @SidneyPowell1 and others are doing, STOP waiting on

12/ someone else to save the country for you and DO SOMETHING. Look at all that @ScottPresler has accomplished over the past few years. He ignited a movement & registered thousands and thousands of voters across the United States, building a following of nearly 1M people. He's

13/ currently down in GA organizing efforts to register new voters for the upcoming Senate run-off races in December. One man with a burning passion and on a mission accomplished that. What's your excuse? As JFK once said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you

14/ can do for your country". I would ask that all of you take a look in the mirror & ask yourselves whether you've done enough to help save our country from the clutches of evil. If that answer is no, which I believe it is for the vast majority of us, myself included, I ask that

15/ you take control your destiny and ACT, because I guarantee that anyone criticizing or doubting someone like @SidneyPowell1 couldn't fill her shoes if you had a thousand lifetimes. The only way to ensure that we will is if WE ALL WORK TOGETHER! 

I'm in. Are you? 🇺🇸

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