smartmatic and their voter fraud system!

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In 2005, Sequoia was acquired by a voting machine firm called “Smartmatic.” The acquisition raised eyebrows in the U.S. because, in 2004, the Hugo Chavez-led Venezuelan government had selected Smartmatic “to provide the voting machines system for the presidential recall election, even though it would have been the company’s first time providing machines for an election. Sequoia Voting Systems is one of the largest voting machine companies in the United States. /wiki/Sequoia_Voting_Systems

According to the Congressional testimony of a CIA agent, the 2004 election and recount in Venezuela appeared to have been rigged for Chavez. The agent further stated that Chavez controlled all of the voting equipment before the election. Although not mentioned by the CIA agent expressly, this would have included Smartmatic’s voting machines.

The concerns over Smartmatic’s acquisition of Sequoia triggered an investigation in the United States.

 In December 2006, presumably due to the controversy, Smartmatic announced that it had sold Sequoia.

 But questions remained as to whether the sale was a sham transaction designed to fool regulators.

 In 2007, the California Secretary of State asked the Computer Security Group at U.C. Santa Barbara to analyze the security of Sequoia’s voting machines. The report found “a number of serious security issues” that “could be exploited by a determined attacker to modify (or invalidate) the results of an election” and that could “be carried out without any knowledge of the source code.”

 An analysis of the source code by @mattblaze and others at UC Berkeley found that “the Sequoia system lacks effective safeguards against corrupted or malicious data injected onto removable media, especially for devices entrusted to poll workers and other temporary staff with limited authority…”

The researchers further found that “Many of the security features of the Sequoia system, particularly those that protect the integrity of precinct results, employ cryptography” that is “easily circumvented.”

The researchers concluded that “virtually every important software security mechanism is vulnerable to circumvention.”

 Based on these reports, California withdrew approval for the use of Sequoia machines, but then granted re-approval for the use of Sequoia’s machines subject to various conditions.

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