Hobbs children missing since May found in Houston; parents arrested


 A mother and father from Hobbs on the run for six months with their kids and accused of abusing them, have finally been arrested. Authorities had to track them across multiple states.

“Officers were summoned to Walmart here in Hobbs in reference to panhandling back in June 2019,” said Captain Shane Blevins with the Hobbs Police Department.

Luiza Badea and Andrei Ducila were initially charged with four counts of child abuse when officers found the children malnourished and neglected outside of a Walmart. They were out of jail awaiting trial and the Children Youth and Families Department let the parents have trial visits, to see if they could be reunited; That’s when police say the parents took off with the kids.

“CYFD was reinstituting the children back into the home with the parents and on one of the checkup dates the parents were gone,” said Captain Blevins.

Captain Blevins said they had not been able to locate the parents of the children since they left in May of this year. Late last month, the youngest child, an 18-month-old girl, was taken to a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. “There was a baby in the hospital with skull fractures and bleeding of the brain,” said Misty Helms, a Crimes Against Children Detective with the Charlotte Police Department.

Helms said the mother fled the hospital when the girl went into surgery before they could question her. “We knew the baby was going to have to brain surgery, they take her into brain surgery, mom tells the nurses she’s going for coffee and never returns,” said Helms.

Luiza left her purse behind and that helped authorities start to track the couple. The U.S. Marshals help track them down in Houston, Texas. “I had a good working cell phone number so we were able to you know, we were able to work with the marshals and locate them like that,” said Helms.

The children and the parents were located in Houston. Captain Blevins said the children are back in New Mexico in CYFD custody and the parents are awaiting extradition back to New Mexico.

Authorities say the 18-month-old girl is likely blind in both eyes from her injuries. The parents now face four felony child abuse charges in New Mexico and now, two additional ones in North Carolina.

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