Something is Terribly Wrong With Britney Spears’ Instagram Account *MKULTRA

Britney Spears Reveals New Brunette Hair as Boyfriend Sam Asghari ...


Alice in Wonderland … again. Britney’s caption “If I were a rabbit … where would I put my gloves ????” is rather cryptic. The comment underneath talks about Tom Hanks’ weird relation with gloves.

Britney’s account is also filled with tons of pictures of butterflies and felines – symbolizing Monarch Programming, more specifically Beta Kitten programming.

For over 10 years, I’ve been documenting proof that Britney Spears is one of the most obvious cases of Monarch Programming (a sophisticated version of MKULTRA) in showbusiness. That’s because every single detail about her career and her personal life can be studied as “Industry Slave 101”. For over two decades, the singer of the appropriately titled hit I’m A Slave 4 U has been going through the typical motions of an industry slave. From entering the industry at an early age (with Disney), Britney is now a heavily medicated, heavily controlled and heavily abused prisoner of powerful people. And, despite the millions she has generated throughout the years, she remains powerless.

In 2007, Britney had a very public breakdown where she infamously shaved her hair (MK slaves have a special relation to their hair) after her children were taken away from her (typical trauma-inducing abuse in Monarch programming).

Since then, Britney lost custody of her children, lost control of her life, and went from one controlling “boyfriend” (MK handler) to another. Britney has been under the conservatorship of her father, meaning that she has zero control over her life, her career, her finances, and everything in between. Even her internet activity is tightly monitored.

In 2019, some sources close to Britney claimed that she was being held against her will at a mental health facility because her father discovered that she stopped taking her meds. This prompted the #freebritney movement as fans are now convinced that she’s being held against her will and is possibly a victim of abuse.

In 2020, the #freebritney movement has resurfaced because her Instagram account is SO SUSPECT. It is filled with bizarre, sometimes enigmatic posts that some fans believe contain coded messages. In other cases, Britney looks rough (as if she hadn’t been sleeping for days” or simply doesn’t look like herself. Also, there’s an overwhelming amount of symbolism relating to Monarch programming.

Nearly all of the comments on her posts are from worried fans that are creeped out by what they’re seeing. And lots of comments get deleted on a daily basis.

Is Britney calling for help? Is she even in control of her account? Are her handlers flaunting their control of Britney like they do in her music videos? Here’s a look at her account.

Judging by the emojis used at the end of the post, they really want her fans to investigate whatever “Planet Nine” is. After some digging around, I discovered that Rose McGowan (another industry slave and one of the original Harvey Weinstein accusers) recently released an album titled Planet 9.

In 2017, actor Sean Rose accused his agent Cade Hudson of offering him “favors” in exchange for meetings with big Hollywood stars. Here’s an excerpt from a news article about the incident that happened at Hudson’s home.

During the visit, Hudson ‘accidentally’ spilled a beverage on Rose’s sweatpants and allegedly placed his hand on the actor’s inner thigh to ‘help’ him out.

The heterosexual Rose told the newspaper the incident made him uncomfortable, but he was too timid to tell Hudson, who he looked up to as a role model.

Still, Rose pushed his hand away and left the room to change into some dry pants afterward.

That’s when Rose says he received a series of texts from Hudson, who began offering money if his friend left.

‘I pay u 500 to have ur friend bounce,’ the text said. The actor brushed the offer off and replied saying, ‘LOL I g2g soon [too].’

The conversation then allegedly turned to one-way sexual.

‘1k stay,’ he allegedly texted. ‘I know ur straight Getting [oral] isn’t gay. U. Know. That … All u gotta do is sick [sit] back relax…’

He claims he went even further, promising the emerging entertainer he would meet actresses like Amanda Seyfried or Lindsay Lohan – both of whom he is friends with – if Rose allowed oral that night.
– Daily Mail, CSI: New York actor Sean Rose says a prominent CAA agent offered him cash and access to Hollywood stars and directors in exchange for sex

Hudson is apparently “friends” with Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears. All three happen some of the most obvious cases of MKULTRA in Hollywood. Is he, perhaps, some sort of handler? Is this why his eyes are black-out in the picture? No matter what the case may be, the rest of Britney’s IG account is pure Monarch symbolism.

Intense MKULTRA Symbolism

There is so much MK symbolism on Britney’s account that I can only show a small portion of it. But it so obvious. For instance, this is a picture posted on Halloween 2019. It is also one of her last “selfies”. All of her recent pics are taken by someone else.

You know that Alice in Wonderland is a staple in Monarch programming. Monarch handlers encourage MK slaves to “follow the white rabbit through the looking glass” towards dissociation. “Wonderland” is the internal world of dissociated slaves where “anything can happen” … because it is fully controlled by the handler. So, in her context of being an industry slave, her being dressed as Alice is extremely symbolic. It might be a message to other people “in the know”.

Another prominent element of this picture is the painting behind Britney. It keeps appearing on Britney’s IG account.

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