Racheal Chandler Is The Centerpiece *PizzaGate

Racheal Chandler is a centerpiece for the entire deep state elite. She connects the Clintons and their Foundation, Jeffrey Epstein, The Royal Family , Hollywood. & Government Leaders around the world. She references Spirit Cooking.

 Trying her to Marina Abramovic and PizzaGate. She was photographed with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell. Hollywood connects her to James Rothschild. Through Paris Hilton's sister Nicky marrying him. Her family owning the Los Angeles Times for over 100 Years, and getting her start at the Standard Hotel Chain.


So not only should Prince Andrew be worryed the list of names run long. The sick ties with Epstein & Ghislaine should open eyes. The best is yet to come the elite time is up
Racheal Chandler Is The Centerpiece *PizzaGate Racheal Chandler Is The Centerpiece *PizzaGate Reviewed by Anson Moore on July 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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