Prince Andrew made to isolate, while Maxwell ‘fears for her life’

Prince Andrew was forced to isolate before his daughter’s wedding just so he could walk her down the aisle, it has been revealed.

The disgraced Duke of York’s absence was heavily noted in the photographs released from Princess Beatrice’s recent wedding to Italian property developer Edo Mozzi.

Prince Andrew and his daughter were made to isolate together, under pandemic precautions, at their Great Lodge home in Windsor Castle.

Royal watchers say the Prince’s exclusion from the tight-knit affair – guest numbers were limited to just 20 – speaks volumes for just how much Her Majesty The Queen wants to keep her “favourite” son out of the public eye.

Prince Andrew’s ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and now his so-called madam Ghislaine Maxwell, continue to make headlines.

Earlier this month it was made public the Prince allowed Ms Maxwell and actor Kevin Spacey to sit on a throne during a private tour of Buckingham Palace, a revelation which – on top of everything else – reportedly caused great upset to the Queen.

Ms Maxwell remains in jail in the US on sex trafficking charges, having failed in her request for bail last week.

She has reportedly told friends she won’t live to see her trial begin.

Epstein took his life in prison almost 12 months ago, awaiting trial for his charges.

Some believe he was murdered in a bid to stop the financier from leaking the names of any other high-profile characters who were part of his “pedophile ring”.

Ms Maxwell fears the same fate awaits her.

A friend of the 58-year-old told the The Sun on Sunday Ms Maxwell was sent death threats before her arrest, and had employed extra security guards to protect her.

It’s a long wait until her trial is scheduled to begin in July next year.

The New York jail where she’s set to ride out the wait is described by its own wardens as a “hellhole” akin to Guantanamo Bay.

‘Three girls a day’

Allegations of Ms Maxwell’s role in Epstein’s sordid sexual deeds continue to rise to the surface.

Civil lawsuit court documents filed in December detail horrific allegations by one accuser Annie Farmer, who has waived her right to anonymity despite the fact she was underage when the alleged abuse took place.

Those documents say it was Ms Maxwell who oversaw and managed Epstein’s network of girls.

“Epstein’s preference was to have three different girls a day for his sexual pleasure and Maxwell was in charge of ­recruiting the girls,” they read.

“Maxwell would leave [Epstein’s New York] mansion claiming she had ‘to go get girls for Jeffrey’.”

Among the tidbits that continue to leak from the closely woven shield Ms Maxwell has kept around her life, is the surprising revelation that she has a husband.

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