Baller Alert Exclusive: E-40 Opens Up About Donating 1000 Gallons Of Hand Sanitizer To Prisoners Behind Bars

E-40 is far more than the Ambassador of the Bay; he’s a legend in the rap game. “Sprinkle Me,” “Captain Save a Hoe,” “Choices (Yup),” and, of course, “Tell me When To Go” are just a few of his timeless hits. Aside from consistently remaining at the top of the food chain for three decades and counting, 40, real name Earl Stevens, is a proud entrepreneur with multiple lucrative businesses from his Lumpia Company to his E.CUARENTA TEQUILA to his Earl Stevens Selections Wine and most recently, his own Rap Snacks flavor (Ramen Noodles “Beef Prime Rib”).

While balancing life as a recording artist, husband, father, businessman, and 5-star Michelin cook in his own right, E-40 is stepping up in a major way during the national COVID-19 pandemic. The Sick Wid It Records founder recently produced and donated 1000 gallons of hand sanitizer to USP LOMPOC, U.S. PENITENTIARY, and SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, E-40 explains the process behind this immense donation. “To hear inmates didn’t have masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer was heavy on my mind and my heart. I wanted to contribute and help the best way I can. I know COVID-19 is not the flu, it’s worse. It’s deadlier and more contagious. In prisons, multiple people can be placed in one cell. The hallways and gathering places are often small and tight.”

He also goes on to explain how he’s been using hand sanitizer, even before the quarantine. He states, “I wanted to make sure they had plenty, so I said ‘1000 gallons’, ya feel me?” One may wonder, how did E-40 pull this off during a time where there’s a shortage of hand sanitizer? Aside from his pull in the entertainment industry, Stevens is plugged with “all kinds of distilleries,” as seen with his own tequila, wine, and SLURICANE premixed cocktail drinks.

The specific prisons he chose currently holds a few of his loved ones. Speaking on the actual process, E-40 prides himself on donating and investing his own money in this good cause. He states, “Me being brought up in a church, Unity Church Of God In Christ in Vallejo, CA, Reverend Thurman (RIP) taught me to always give back. Of course, you get blessed, but we’re not in it for that. God automatically blesses you no matter what. The bottom of my heart, I’d hate to be in that position where you don’t have the supplies to be able to prevent things like this COVID-19 pandemic we’re going through. We’ve never seen anything like this, I know I haven’t in my lifetime.”

He goes on to call COVID-19 a “silent killer.” “That’s what’s so cold about it; it’s hella sneaky. You don’t even have to have any symptoms. A lot of people weren’t believing it at first; then, they ended up believing it once loved ones started getting it,” he said.

On the music tip, E-40 just released his new project, titled The Curb Commentator, a 5-track EP that serves as the first of its series. Speaking on this decision to feed the fans a small amount at a time, Stevens states, “A lot of good songs get lost in the sauce, people discover them years later. Now I’m to the point where I make sure I feed them five songs at a time as of right now. I decided to do a real quick series called The Curb Commentator Channel 1, 2, 3. Every two months, it’ll be five songs. On the 4th channel, it’ll be all of the channels combined in one with eight new songs, so it’ll be a full-fledged album.”

The new project includes features that bridge the old and new school, from Wiz Khalifa to B-Legit to Suga Free. When it comes to legends linking up, E-40 states, “we always reminisce, that’s my family. I had a studio at the house, DJ Quik would come in and go straight to my grand piano. Quik is a real pianist; he’s a real musician. Suga Free always says, ‘how’s the museum doing?’ He calls my crib the museum.”

At the end of the day, E-40 is here to be a positive influence on the youth in any way, shape, or form. He also appreciates anyone who’s been supporting him with the music, records that listeners around the world can understand and relate to. Fans can also expect a cookbook from Earl in the near future.


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