Kanye West Purchases His Childhood Home in Chicago

Last week it was announced that Kanye West became the latest rapper to join the billionaire club.

Now, according to Daily Mail, West has reportedly purchased his childhood home.

The home located in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood was purchased by the “Jesus Walks” rapper for $225,000, according to real estate reporter Dennis Rodkin.

Rodkin also revealed to WGN9 that the status of the home is currently in ruins, and renovations for the home could amount to at least $60,000, noting that tearing the house down and rebuilding it would cost less than repairing it.

The home owned by the charity Donda’s House, which was named after West’s mother who passed in 2007 from surgery complications, was purchased in 2016 to turn it into a community center.

The center was intended to be a community arts ‘Incubator’ for at-risk youths, the outlet reports. Rhymefest served as the headquarter for the non-profit. Donda mentored Rhymefest, who grew up with her son, West when she was an English professor at Chicago State University.

Donda’s house was supposed to offer a recording studio and a museum to not only encourage the youth but to inspire them as well.

However, those plans never came to fruition, leaving the house to be trashed by the public. Rhymefest and West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, even got into an argument over the project on social media back in 2018.

“You’re over leveraging Kanye’s name & asked Kanye to donate money to u so stop w your fake community politics & lies,” Kardashian West wrote to Rhymefest on Twitter. “Truth is you haven’t been able to sustain the foundation. …You better believe I will make it my mission to take Donda’s House from you and let my children run it the way it should be run!”

Rhymefest denied all accusations and decided to move forward without using the name ‘Donda’s House’ for the organization.

West’s mother, Donda, purchased the home back in the early 1980s and sold it in 2004.

At this time, it’s unclear what plans West has for the home.

Kanye West Buys Childhood Home
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