Diddy Says “The Black Vote Is Not For Free,” Suggests He Will Hold His Vote Hostage

Diddy has a message for the world: the black vote will not be free this year. In a recent sit-down with model Naomi Campbell for her show “No Filter with Naomi,” the media mogul goes on record to further elaborate, highlighting the stagnant state of Black America.

“The black vote is not going to be for free. We’re going to have to see some promises,” Diddy said. “What are we getting in return for our vote? Nothing has changed for Black America. In order for us to vote for Biden, we can’t be taken for granted like we always are because we’re supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of Trump.”

“Whoever’s going to take care of our community, it’s business at this point,” the media mogul continued. “We can’t trust politicians. We want to know very clearly — just like Trump made it clear he wanted to build the wall, Biden needs to make it clear he’s going to change the lives and quality of life of black and brown people. Else he can’t get the vote.”

The Bad Boy founder also revealed his thinking has altered since the death of his former wife, Kim Porter.

All in all, many believe it’s very irresponsible for Diddy to post such a blanketed statement without a plan. Audiences around the world may hear his statements and take it the wrong way, thinking he’s holding their vote hostage.

One person, who did not hesitate in speaking his mind, was Kenny Burns, who commented under Puff’s IG post: “Puff this statement is VERY irresponsible at this point. The only option is to get Trump out of office. Come on, Champ!!! Encouraging people to stand by is NOT AN OPTION. #VoteOrDie.”

In response, Puff reportedly removed Burns’s comment and blocked him from his page, forcing Burns to react on his own account.

“You’re really going to wait til its 2 candidates to say that you’re holding “Our Vote”… come on, Champ! This is NOT leadership. What happened to #VoteorDie?? Trump being put out of office is the only option!!! PERIOD.”

But, while some people think Diddy’s comments were irresponsible, others feel like there is nothing irresponsible about demanding something for your vote. What are those demands, though?

Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, and Michael Bloomberg all had black agendas. There is an acknowledgment of  Joe Biden’s black agenda on his website along with other issues.

Alicia Garza and Black Futures lab have black agendas that urge the government to make black people powerful through policy in the economy, our democracy, our families, our society, our communities, and the legal system that Biden could pull from. A black woman running mate is another demand many are calling for, which should be a no brainer for Biden because a radical move like that would put some energy into his campaign. He’s already committed to putting a black woman on the supreme court, so are these things enough to satisfy a black voter who may not be inspired to vote for Joe Biden?

Diddy vs Kenny burns

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