Josh Paschal moving back to defensive line

“Just with our depth at outside linebacker and his ability to play inside and be an impact player inside,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “The great thing about Josh is he’s been very versatile, but he’s also so unselfish. He knew a year ago, and even going back two years because we had some depth inside and not as much outside, he wanted to help the team. Now he realizes there’s some depth outside and we need some impact players inside. He’s versatile. Really, it’s about him and his body and what it just naturally does. He’s just a big human. He’s a big person. I think right now it’s the best he’s been about being big but comfortable. He doesn’t have to worry about putting on weight. He still can be very quick-twitched like he is and be an impact guy inside. We’re really excited about that.
“This is the best he’s been in a few years because of the injury and the cancer and the surgeries on his foot and all of those things. This is the best he’s looked. He’s had a great winter. He’s feeling good and moving around really good and really comfortable. I’m excited for him.”

Paschal totaled 34 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks while he played the ‘jack’ linebacker role as a sophomore. At 6-foot-3, 284-pounds, Paschal has the size to move down and help the defensive line immediately. He was practicing at defensive end prior to receiving a melanoma diagnosis in August 2018.
Add in Kentucky’s depth at outside linebacker -- Jordan Wright, JJ Weaver and KD McDaniel all played snaps last year -- and the move for Paschal makes sense.

“Jordan Wright is really making big jumps,” Stoops said. “Made a big jump a year ago. We need him to continue to do that. He’s kinda growing into his body. JJ Weaver is a guy that we’re very excited about. Just has the frame you’re looking for. He’s a big guy and has the length you’re looking for. Putting on good weight. He’s one of those guys who does everything you’re asking him to do. He’s getting better and better. Same with KD. Much the same that I just talked about with JJ. Has the length, the ability and has some good size. Sam Anaele is a great, big guy. Gonna take some time with him but that’s why he’s here early and working hard.”
This season is leading up to becoming one of most exciting season yet. The road to the SEC Championship could become more then just a dream
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