‘The Nanny’ is Coming to Broadway

A new musical based on the CBS 90’s sitcom The Nanny could be coming to a stage near you.

Producers Brian Zeilinger and Scott Zeilinger announced on Wednesday morning that Fran Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Jacobson, who created the series in 1993, will write the show’s book.

No solid dates or announcements regarding cast and others involved have been released yet.

“Nobody is cast yet — we’re plotting — but we feel confident we will find a fabulous actress who is funny, charming, and has a great voice,” Drescher and Jacobson said in a released statement.

Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger will write the score for the show; both just won a 2019 Emmy for outstanding original music and lyrics in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

“The Nanny was a fundamental part of my childhood because it was the first time I saw an openly Jewish female protagonist on television,” Bloom said in a statement. “The story of Fran Fine, however, is a universal one that has touched the hearts of people of every race, religion, and orientation. I am so proud to be using the characters established by The Nanny to tell a new story about one woman’s journey to becoming proud of who she is and what makes her different.”

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