Man charged in connection to Louisville’s first murder of 2020

5:35 A.m.
LOUISVILLE, Ky.  A man was taken into custody after another man was shot and killed Wednesday morning.
Louisville Metro Police Department spokesman Lamont Washington said the shooting happened at 6:12 a.m. Wednesday in the 12000 block of Valley Meadow Way.
Around 6 a.m. New Year’s Day they thought they were dreaming when they woke up to police sirens.
“Devastation, devastation,” Baxter said. “I actually have two sons myself and when I actually saw some of the family members pull up and they were men as well I couldn’t watch it after a while.”
Baxter said her neighbor called the police after hearing an altercation at the new neighbor’s house. When she went outside she got double knots in her stomach after watching people show up to her street with uncontrollable emotions, and as one person begged someone in the back of a police car for answers to their questions.
"All he wanted to know was 'is my family member okay?’” Baxter said. “He was just holding his head a whole lot he was just really going through it.”

Baxter has lived in the neighborhood for 19 years. She raised her family there and said she’s trying not to feed into the fear that comes with the shooting next door.
“We just want to feel safe,” Baxter said. “You just feel overwhelmed. My son is 17, you want them to feel like they can go to the gas station at night, because things can happen at night and in the day now a days.”
Although her family’s wish didn’t come true New Year’s Day, Baxter is hoping Louisville goes in a different direction than the first six hours of 2020.
Blod Matsoumou, 29, was booked into Louisville Metro Department of Corrections in connection to the murder.
Washington said no other arrests are expected in the case.

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