Coronavirus Human To Human Transmission Confirmed In Europe

2:40 p.m.

A line has now been crossed in the transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus, with multiple people who have not recently traveled to China having confirmed cases of the illness. This is unwelcome news considering that experts were still attempting to understand how transmittable this illness is between humans, and this confirms that the infection is more viral than initially believed. At first, researchers were hoping that most of the infections were caused by animal to human transmission, but with new cases being reported in patients who had not recently traveled to China, the situation appears to be more complex.

Cases of human to human transmission have now been confirmed in Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan. In each case, the patient who contracted the virus had recently come into contact with someone who had traveled from China, even though they themselves had gone nowhere near the epicenter of the virus.

The number of infected and number of lives lost continue to climb as authorities attempt to get a handle on the situation. Over 100 people are said to have lost their lives from the virus, all of them in China. The virus is said to have infected at least 4,500 people, and the vast majority of them are in China as well, but the numbers outside the borders of the country are steadily climbing.

Precautions are being taken all over the world, with US President Donald Trump announcing the rollout of travel restrictions and new screening measures at airports. Hong Kong has also announced similar travel bans, and will stop all high speed trains and ferries from the mainland.

Japan, South Korea, India, the United States, and France have all planned charter flights to pull their citizens out of Wuhan.

World Health Organisation chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said he was pleased with China’s efforts to contain the outbreak after visiting with politicians in Beijing.

Symptoms of the virus usually include fever, cough and trouble breathing, but some patients have developed pneumonia, which is when the infection becomes very dangerous. People carrying the coronavirus may only have mild symptoms, such as a sore throat, and may disregard their symptoms as the common cold. Meanwhile, they will be spreading the virus to many of the people who they come into contact with. Furthermore, some experts have suggested that the incubation period for the virus could be up to 14 days, and that patients may still be able to spread the illness during the incubation period, even if they aren’t experiencing any symptoms themselves.
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