Cornerstone #1: Financial Foundation 5 total.

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Financial Foundation at the bottom because, after all, it’s what all else rests upon. The foundation includes your Family Fund, savings and protection, and positive money habits.
You’ve no doubt heard the parable that warns the listener to never build a house upon the sand: “The rain fell, and the floods came, the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell…” (Matthew 7:27)  It’s the same with your financial house! You must build the proper Financial Foundation for a family—beginning with the simple (yet often overlooked) habit of saving.
Your savings creates your “Family Fund”—the “seed money” for your family’s wealth and prosperity. It’s the money that’s guaranteed to grow—no matter what. This is your fund for emergencies and opportunities. It’s the money that lets you sleep at night—even when a financial storm is wreaking havoc on most investors.
Because of the unique, centuries-old financial product we use for saving in the Family Financing system, the foundation of your financial house comes with insurance for the storms of life built right in!
Just like saving money, risk management and permanent protection are often not given the full attention they deserve. You probably have car insurance, home insurance, and other types of insurance. But the Family Financing system insures the most valuable treasure possible: the people in your family.
Usually, “savings and protection” are NOT the same thing—not at all. But whole life insurance works differently.
Insurance policy premiums for your home, car, and term life insurance policies—except in the rare instance when the insured unfortunately dies before it expires—represent costs. You pay the premiums and cross your fingers you won’t need the coverage. Either way, the premiums are long-gone. And the more premiums you pay, the less you can save.
Whole life premiums are completely different. Over time, they turn into an asset. This makes whole life insurance the ideal foundation for your family’s personal economy. The more you save, the more protection you have! And the more protection you purchase–the more liquidity you have available in your Family Fund. 
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