Chris Brown, Future, Diddy and More Set To Host Headliner Parties For The Super Bowl

In less than two months, the biggest night in sports will kick off in the Sunshine State, complete with a weekend full of parties, concerts, and more star-studded events. Although the contenders for the big game have yet to be determined, Miami party promoters are preparing to keep everyone entertained.

Not only will the 54th annual Super Bowl commemorate the NFL’s centennial season, but its Roman numerals coincidentally share the letters of Miami’s most popular club, LIV, which is most famous for its Sunday Night parties, hosted by Headliner Market Group.

In an interview with Baller Alert, the president, and CEO of Headliner, Mike Gardner, opened up about what it means for the big game to hit the 305.

“For me, it means a lot, initially because of the roman numerals of the Super Bowl is LIV, and I’m known for doing LIV on Sundays, so that was exciting news, since last year,” Mike Gardner, president, and CEO of Headliner Market Group said. “And to come to Miami, with it being in Miami, it just looks amazing.”

In addition to his popular parties at the famed LIV nightclub, Gardner is taking his brand and business to the next level for the big game. In fact, just in time for Super Bowl weekend, Gardner revealed that he will be reopening Crew NY, which is where it all started.

“Also, for me reopening up Crew NY of where I really started this journey of doing a lot of high powered events in Crew NY downtown in Miami,” he added.

Each year, the big game kicks off in February, which, according to reports, produces the coldest temperatures of the year in most of the United States. But, in Florida, the average temperature around that time is 75 degrees, which serves as an advantage for party promoters in the city.

“That’s the advantage. We have the weather,” Gardner said. “In some cities, you gotta wait to see what teams actually reach the Super Bowl before people start making plans. But, I think, just across the board people are making plans because of the weather here in Miami and they know the nightlife here is going to be amazing, it’s going to be a lot of celebrities, a lot of entertainment. That’s one of the major advantages here is the weather.”

In preparation for the event, Gardner said it’s all about inclusivity.

“[I] really try to have the best events possible,” Gardner said. “From the Top 10 talent and trying to get the best athletes available, and for me also is just trying to make sure I cater to a large demographic of people.”

As for the star-studded scenery, Gardner said he’s expecting a slew of celebrities, including, Chris Brown, Future, Puff Daddy, Jamie Foxx, Fabolous, Lil Baby, and Meek Mill. He’s also “looking to confirm some more in the next couple days.”

Although Gardner refused to dish on the best celebrity host, he did say Diddy and Jamie Foxx throw great parties. “Without saying who’s the best, I will say Puff and Jamie Foxx, those two definitely host great parties. But I won’t say who’s the best because they all bring something different.”

Which parties are you looking forward to for Super Bowl Weekend?

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