Things To Know Before Going Black Friday Shopping

As #BlackFriday approaches, there are a few things consumers should keep in mind before heading out to the stores.

Ever since its origin, it’s been believed that Black Friday has the best deals that customers will likely find by Christmas. 

However, Business Columnist from the Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus reports 

that the whole ordeal is just a ploy to “move inventory.” While items may be marked down for Black Friday, retailers will likely continue cutting prices nearing Christmas. 

“First and foremost, remember that the discounts you’re currently seeing aren’t a one-off,” Lazarus said. “The dirty little secret of Black Friday – and its cousin, Cyber Monday – is that the best deals are still to come.”

Lazarus also reports that the prices that customers see on Black Friday are prices that are typically available throughout the year due to online campaigns featuring discounts of up to 25% and sometimes more.

For those who are still eager to get out and start your holiday shopping this Black Friday, it is important to keep a couple of tips and tricks in mind: Do research prior to heading out to different stores to see what the best deals being offered are, use the apps ShopSavvy and Flipp as they can send you alerts about different products you may want, subscribe to email lists of different stores you enjoy and be on the lookout for deals on shipping.

“Bottom line: Don’t believe the Black Friday hype,” Lazarus said. “ There’s no hurry to get your shopping done, and most retailers will be just as hungry for your business next week as they are this week,” he concluded.


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