2 People Killed, 14 Others Wounded At ‘Unofficial’ Texas A&M-Commerce Homecoming Party In Greenville, Texas

8:44 A.m.
October 27, 2019

At least two people were killed and 14 others were wounded during an unofficial college homecoming party outside Greenville. The crime occurred at The Party Venue in Greenville and involved students from Texas A&M Commerce but the event was not sanctioned by the school according to officials. 

It happened just before 12:30 a.m. on US Highway 380 just west of the city.
News crews on the scene saw two bodies being removed from the location.
Hunt County Sheriffs Office Chief Deputy Buddy Oxford told reporters there was only one shooter and the unidentified suspected remained at large. Officials were currently interviewing witnesses and victims in an attempt to identify the suspect.
“We have not identified anybody that was here at the party that will tell us anything about the shooter,” said Oxford. “They saw nothing.” He also said that officials were “not getting cooperation from the people that were attending the party.”

When asked, Oxford said he did not consider this a mass shooting. “Based on the limited information I have right now standing in front of you, I wouldn’t [classify this] a mass shooting.” Oxford said that he does not know what caused all of the other injuries.

There was also no information regarding the severity of the injuries to the 14 who were wounded.
Oxford did say that one student was injured jumping out of a window to escape. Oxford said that individual was hurt by the glass. There was no information regarding the other 13 wounded.
Oxford said the victims were college-age and may have been students from Texas A&M Commerce.
Oxford said approximately 750 people were at the party at the time and that there were kids attending that were from other cities in Texas including Commerce, Arlington, Cedar Hill, Fort Worth and Dallas.
One witness told officials that people were invited to the party via Twitter.
According to Oxford, the shooting happened about 15 minutes after deputies arrived on scene. Police were originally called to the party due to parking complaints along US Highway 380.


There was no description of the suspect Sunday morning.

Oxford said the party and may have involved a fraternity. He also said the weapon used in the shooting was possibly a semi-automatic rifle but officials were not certain.
Three victims were taken by air ambulance to Medical City of Plano, a trauma hospital, and other victims were taken to hospitals in Greenville, Commerce and Quinlan.
No officers were injured in the shooting nor did they fire their weapons.
In addition to sheriff’s deputies, the Texas Rangers and FBI were also on scene.
2 People Killed, 14 Others Wounded At ‘Unofficial’ Texas A&M-Commerce Homecoming Party In Greenville, Texas 2 People Killed, 14 Others Wounded At ‘Unofficial’ Texas A&M-Commerce Homecoming Party In Greenville, Texas Reviewed by Anson Moore on October 27, 2019 Rating: 5

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