The generational wealth problem in America

9:25 p.m.
August 24, 2019

The generational wealth problem in America is more then just a problem. The 40 acres and a mule has been laughed at for Generations. 2019 where reparations is finally a topic again nevertheless #ADOS is on a island by itself. With reparations for Portland trading like Portland is owed a debt of 17 trillion. Slaves working for free then not receiving nothing for the labor.  Without some kind of reparations for the wrong that that America has done to ( American descendants of slavery ) . If ADOS did not build America then who did. The African American vote is crucial but however it has been pushed aside. The Black Agenda is a Fairy tail to the government. Throughout history reparations has been giving out multiple times.

Redlining African Americans from land and property still is occurring especially in  southern parts.  We basically have been locked out of the game monopoly this game is ran by white billionaires. How many black farmer’s are left,  cannabis is a worldwide industry.  Once you look up the data rate of black famers you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Racial wealth Gap each year has got worse Cailfornia can be a witness to that. Property value has went up African-American Community has been pushed out. So far out that the homeless rate is  absolutely jaw dropping. How can the richest country in the world seem so poor when it comes to #ADOS. Police brutality has not got any better. Programming, education and mental support is also much needed. Why should a national debt have be treated like a crime.

African American incarceration rate has went up seems like each year. Targeting community’s to bring in more tax dollars that end up recycling into the federal reserve’s hands. Didn’t push Kamala Harris in our face like she has a plan for us. Her incarceration rate is so bad Google some how erased it. So who really has the best intentions for our vote.

Reparations is not and will not ever be considered as a handout.  Democratic party select Bernie Sanders has openly spoke upon canceling student debt. A candidate that has been very close to the community. You would think he be pushing more for building the  Metropolitan City back up.

 Crime rate is sky high unfortunately with reparation attached with programming would boost our economy. According to Forbes magazine the African American wealth will be evacuated by 2053. 

 Reparations maybe a slow process with brick by brick we can build. This election coming up is very important. Trump administration has already flat out said ( they do not see it happening) . Immigrants and healthcare are the main topic for the Democrat Party.  Once again locked out of access to wealth, growth and development.

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