Are You Ready For Kentucky Football

Kentucky football is less then a week away! I say that with a smile on my face however will we win more then six games this year? 12: 00 Saturday will be ShowTime at Kroger field. Terry Wilson will lead the team on offense with multiple players . The question I would like to ask BBN is who will have the breakout game.  Benny Snell Jr is now in the NFL making his dreams come true. Who will the offense hand the keys over to. If you can not run the ball in the SEC you are done for.

With the number 7 pick gone Mr. Josh Allen. By far the  top defense player in the nation know longer on the team. The pass rush can not take a step back with Boogie Watson returning along with Kash Daniels, Joshua Paschal, Deandre Square, Quinton Bohanna. The defense lost so much how can they nearly be as good. Mark Stoops and crew have the mindset ( do not what so ever filch )

Come Saturday Big Blue Nation will be more then ready to cheer them on. Surely Louisville fans  will be watching after the butt kicking that happen last year. Only a matter of time before the fan base takes on N.D.
Football season is here which I can not wait. Everyone go grab some beer for the weekend and enjoy the start to a great college football season go Cats lets beat Toledo. 

8:54 p.m
August 26, 2019

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